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An evening in with Veronika Vixon


Veronika Vixon, who’s 55 years aged and lives in Utah, is clothed in a short, ebony dress with ultra-high high-heeled shoes.

“I consider I wanna change plans for this evening,” adolescent tells us. “How about staying in for the night time? I know I’m all clad up and we’re all prepared to move, tho’ perhaps we hams have additional fun if we merely linger in, if you understand what I indicate?”

Everyone knows what you indicate, Veronika.

“Any leisure activity in staying in for the night time?” adolescent says as adolescent globs her hottest a lil’ and shows off her phat titties. “I promise I will be able to come up with what you wish to have. You are going to now not be disappointed.”

We haven’t any doubt about that, particularly when we find out that Veronika is clothed in crotchless panties.

And you understand what it approach when a doll is clothed in crotchless panties. It approach adolescent wishes to make get admission to to her twat as easy as possible.

Though even those panties come off at via the halfway mark and we get a downright unobstructed view of Veronika’s moist, pinkish beaver. Tadpole frigs it deep and rock-hard. After the vignette, adolescent urged us adolescent were given right here three cases, tho’ we would possibly’ve guessed adolescent were given right here a plenty of more than that.

Warning to those who live in a place with thin walls: Linger the amount down! Veronika gets very loud when adolescent ejaculates.

We asked Veronika if adolescent maximum constantly wears panties, and adolescent discussed, “Neatly, that every one is determined by the example. I am obsessed with my bum and perceive that panties are a phat part of dressing it up. I have been an admirer of very eccentric and fabulous panties. I designed a pile of my highly personal panties the usage of crystals and beans. I love modeling panties. My very fave panties are boy shorts with garters. Certain garbs do not allow you to place on panties, though’, I maximum constantly placed on lace boy shorts. At times boy shorts with crystal or pearled garters.”

Sounds over extravagant to use. Crotchless will do exactly superb.

Date: July 18, 2022

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