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Latina step-mom Juliett Russo takes a douche, Phase 1


When this vignette opens, 54-year-old mother Juliett Russo is snoozing. Sound dull? Certainly not. Juliett is dressed in lacy underwear, and when young lady turns over, we get a ultra-cute sight of her splendid, rigid, wonderful arse in panty underpants. Then young lady turns all over again, and we behind witness {that a} nip is turning out, too. Highly ultra-cute.

Juliett stirs and will get up. Opens up. Runs her palms over her bod. Then young lady heads to the douche to take a douche. It is a ultra-cute, hot douche, and as Juliett will get raw and soapy, young lady will get ultra-kinky, too. Descendant changes the douche head to a prime atmosphere and sploogs the water on her vagina. Then young lady will get down at the flooring of the douche, opens up her gams and deep-fingers herself till young lady shoots a load.

It has already been a highly ultra-cute morning for Juliett, however it is about to get finer. As a result of when young lady seems up, young lady watches that her step-son has been seeing her.

“Are you seeing your step-mom having a douche?” young lady says, sneering. “Do you wish to have to inject? Do you wish to have to sign up for me?”

He enters, and what occurs subsequent? You can detect Thursday.

Date: April 9, 2023

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