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My oh Mya!


Now a yr senior than the final time we eyed her, having celebrated her fifty fifth bday, wifey, older woman and grandmother Mya Evans from Ukraine is again to flash off her taut, cool assets and enjoyment herself with a fucktoy. Mrs. Evans is a highly voluptuous lady, and we are highly glad that her spouse does not thoughts sharing his wifey’s assets with the arena. He is a fortunate boy.

Mya now lives within the Czech Republic, which is evidently a supreme factor. Infant likes swimming and touring and in most cases heads out dressed in brief cut-offs and minis, which might be at all times cool articles of outfit or even hotter when they are being shabby via a certain, mature lady.

“A boy draws me with noble actions and a deferential angle toward a lady,” Mya mentioned.

In different phrases, whipping out your one-eyed monster and praying her to fellate it’s not how one can Mya’s middle or neden.

Mya has dabbled in wagging.

Her pals know little darling’s right here, doing this.

Sexual wishes? “I daydream once I embark having coupling, no longer prematurely.”

Mya will ravage once more this Thursday. “Plow”…is that respectful?

Date: June 10, 2022

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