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Christina finishes off


When this gig opens, 71-year-old Christina Starr is clothed in short shorts and a tight finest.

“I’m having such insane wishes,” cub tells us. “Ecstatic about younger men. I dream a younger boy. I’m 71, tho there are a bunch of younger men who are totally into elderly nymphs, so I imagine it’s imaginable. I need to to search out that boy. I need to find out a dude. Anyone indeed steamy and hefty. The thicker the nicer. He’d have no idea the chick he’d be having.”

He would if he witnessed this flick. Christina strips her finest and tells us what cub would want him to do together with her. Then cub strips her panties (giving them a little snuffle), lies once more and spreads her wool glazed twat, showing us how pinkish a 70something buns however be.

Christina is married. Tiny darling was born in New Orleans and lives in Dallas. Tiny darling’s a mother and a granny.

“My youngsters and grandkids are outstanding,” cub said. “Merely query me.”

Tidily, we may, tho in all honesty, we’re additional serious about other problems about Christina.

For example, her wildest waving experience: “At a clothing-optional motel,” cub said. “Sitting throughout the tub, and a dude comes over and thumbs me. I sploog and two additional line up. And at a swingers motel in Orlando, I nailed three men back-to-back.”

Wildest sexual date: “I walked proper right into a bar and a young dude passed throughout me and asked if I desired to get out of there. I turned and left with him.”

Masturbation: “I delectation myself several events a week. If I’m going too long, I wish and jizz in my sleep, which may be very adorable.”

Jummy fantasies!

Date: October 4, 2023

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