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two penises for Mia Magnusson


Alex and Jake are out throughout the heat on a summer season day in South Florida, working rock hard. Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old mother and granny and one of the vital essential stars of the vid Granny Smash Club, invites them in from the sun. Adolescent’s clad in a spectacular dress that demonstrates off her long, skinny figure.

“, guys,” kiddie says, when they get inside, “why don’t you’re taking your garbs off and I can wash them for you. They’re roughly muddy.”

Oldest mom I might love to smash trick throughout the guide. And when they’re naked, Mia tells them, “I got you decent where I would like you, and my spouse isn’t going to be palace until the following day.”

And that is the reason the explanation how Mia’s highly very first on-camera 3some with two guys whose combined age barely equals hers embarks. Adolescent’s already had a 3some with each and every different dame (Luna Azul) and a dude. Now kiddie’s getting her jaws and fuckbox boned at the same time and her magnificent face glazed with spunk.

“I used to lie about my age to make myself glance elderly and then I lied about my age to make myself glance younger and now I’m if truth be told telling the truth about my age,” Mia mentioned. “Ladies in recent years are well-prepped to take care of a younger way of living for a lot longer, and all of a unexpected, younger guys like elderly ladies. That works for me. I’m certain there’s at all times been different fellows like that, though I perceive this can be a new phenomenon.”

It’s not new for us. Now we’ve identified it all along.

“I was a Polynesian dancer in Australia, in a floor demonstrate, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned new dances,” Mia mentioned. “I’ve been dancing since I was a lil’ lady. Ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and belly dancing masterly. Move-go dancing and distinctive dancing. I however do that at times.”

Mia likes painting, fashion design, singing and swimming. Adolescent wishes to stir swimming with sharks.

“I’ve swam with dolphins and seals,” kiddie mentioned. “I’m magnificent adventurous.”

Tho’ kiddie’s under no circumstances been as adventurous as kiddie is correct right here. Enjoy the demonstrate!

Date: September 10, 2023

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