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Senior Girl, New Shoes


“In my on a standard foundation life, I am quite conservative,” says milf, Jillian Foxxx. “I dress in very plain clothing and I uncommonly try to attract attention. Though there are times, when I am all alone, that I want to get clad up in trampy, tempting apparels and let loose. As a result of this I was so sexually aroused to get the ones new shoes. They simply squeal ultra-kinky and wanton sex. And when I put them on, I sensed like each and every different female…a loose and trampy shoe fuckslut. I may now not lend a forearm tho’ fondle my coochie and make myself cum with them. The finest approach the leather and the ropes sensed made me want to cum so rigid that I yelled and squealed like a banshee. And watching myself throughout the reflect sent me over the brink.”

Date: June 7, 2022

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