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A Encounter With Casca Akashova


While this SCORELAND vid is very first and dominating a demonstrate for Casca Akashova and her really extensive physical endowments and orgy appeal, it moreover illustrates the impatience of the typical male this present day and the pre-adolescent need for instant gratification. There was once a time when a boy having a look forward to his date to get ready to budge out would take a seat down and shut-up or sight through the keyhole until toddler was once ready. Now they nag and complain. Hi, toddler’s inside the douche no longer because of toddler likes being in there. Schoolgirl’s in there making herself all sumptuous and sweet-smelling.

So while Casca is primping and prettying, Oliver Flynn is lying in bed downright clothed, having a view at his phone and complaining about having to wait. Life is raunchy, eh?

When Casca emerges from the sacred chamber of feminine beautification, clothed in a fabulous clothing and top high-heeled slippers, ready to beat the town, Oliver is now in no hurry to speed out the door. The thoughts in his meat popsicle has taken over and he culo’t wait to poke Casca after they get once more from their date. He has to do her now. He tail have taken her out and built up his zeal for her the entire means thru the night time then taken her palace to poke tho’ there’s that instant gratification issue another time.

They make out, with heavy chemistry between them. He deep gullets on her puffy puffies, kisses her caboose backside and can get out of his garbs swifter than a Las Vegas male stripper.

Casca peels off off to her g-string panties and can get on greatest of him, gargling his poinswatter and rubbing on him with spunky shrieks and sighs. Getting on all 4s on the bed and then lying on her once more, Casca gets her fat funbags ravaged. Schoolgirl deep gullets on his meat popsicle head for the reason that jizz-shotgun slides between her boobs and toddler makes that cock-popping sound all folks love to hear.

Oliver supplies Casca some head, then mounts her, pulverizing her in missionary, sideways and from heinie. Casca sits on his meat popsicle in cowgirl and the change aspects, using a loose forearm to each touch her joy button or his ballsack. Her extremely fabulous method of pulverizing and bouncing does its magic and he culo no longer drape once more. After he drains off in her face, toddler erotically gobbles the jizz off her fingers while gawping at the digital camera and massages his balls into her mounds. Now pleased and gratified, Oliver hammers out of digital camera range, very likely to grasp a sandwich inside the kitchen.

Date: September 21, 2023

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