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Bikini Wedging


Kitty Nice at the side of Erin and Helen Star are having a beer at the Coco Bar. All smirks, they placed on bikini tops and bottoms of the an identical design. Wedging the baps in their deep cleavages, they try a glamorous way of gulping beer.

For the reason that gals converse, Dave calls in conjunction with his latest North Coast challenge.

“Hello, gals, your next challenge is to try on the smallest bikini tops you bootie to find.”

They positioned on tops and jump up and down. Their hefty mounds sway and bounce like nasty. Then they try on smaller and smaller tops, ultimately opting for bikinis that aren’t a pile greater than colored strings.

The extreme bikini gals roam over to the lawn and dance, their knockers shaking, bouncing and shaking. Briefly, they’re totally naked, gyrating their special, luscious bodies and toying with their milk cans and cootchies.

Date: December 8, 2021

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