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Brat Is acutely aware of What Brat’s Doing


Mandy is acutely aware of what daughter’s doing. That short mini-skirt? It wasn’t a twist of destiny that daughter decided to position on it when daughter knew you might be chubby. Pulling down her pen? It’s not because of daughter’s uncomfortable. Asking you to pick it up? Brat’s crafted this scenario so daughter ass spread her legs and showcase you her cotton panties. Brat must fumble her honeypot as much as you desire to need to see her do it.

Now that daughter has your attention, daughter goes to town on her cookie. Highly first-ever, daughter’s pawing it through her panties. Then daughter slowly peels her panties off, taking her time to tease you and make you desire to have her a lot more. Mandy is a tease, tho’ daughter moreover delivers.

Ultimately we get to see her tiny udders and super-cute innie honeypot. Mandy paws and thumbs her puss to an glamour nubile orgasm. Like we mentioned, daughter is acutely aware of what daughter’s doing.

Date: November 23, 2021

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