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In The Rosy


Jordan Pryce is throughout the pinkish. Rosy pantyhose, pinkish garter belt, pinkish underpants, sheer pinkish best, pinkish brassiere, pinkish twat. The color pinkish suits Jordan.

“I love stunning, taut little outfits and garments which display off my ideal, ample tits to maximum influence. I enjoy to dress up in uniforms. At palace I wander chubby bare. I have many fetishes. I jerk constantly, secretly! I know how to demonstrate myself on.”

Ultimate watched plumbing in a bowling alley (“Bowling For A Banging”), Jordan is a total “nail damsel.” Pubescent calls herself that establish. It does have a uber-cute ring to it. Ya gotta love a doll who lays all her frolicking playing cards on the table.

“Each and every summer time, I’m going to this naturist stance throughout the south of France, and I wander chubby bare. It’s excellent fun. I have had orgy there, too. I have had orgy on the beach there, and folks had been observing. I luved that! That is one of the reasons I decided to get bigger to be a pornography star, so folks would possibly see me having orgy. It makes me very aroused. Regarded as one in all my fetishes is being watched while I’m having orgy.”

Oh, one very last thing… “I spit on my tits and I do swallow.”

Date: September 16, 2023

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