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On Location Grand Bahama: Karla James


“I’m camera timid!” discussed Karla James. “And I’m panicked to dying of flick cameras.”

Karla’s first pic shoots made her so nervous, teenybopper presented along her mommy. For this pic and flick shoot, Karla had joined a sensational group of big-chested dolls in The Bahamas for a week-long shoot.

“I like to dress seductive and luxurious. Tight skirts, tops. It’s rock rigid to get tops which can be suitable me, so I most often have the humungous cleavage issue going on. It is truly rock rigid to hunt out apparel that does not emphasize my orbs.

“If I placed on loose apparel that does not showcase my body, then I glance round because of the size of my orbs. So maximum recurrently I placed on taut apparel to showcase my body.

“Inside the wintry climate I placed on skinny jeans and fancy taut tops with operating footwear or high-heeled slippers. In the summer. I flaunt my orbs and body. I wear skirts and vest tops and over the top high-heeled shoes or sandals.”

Date: July 22, 2022

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