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The best way to satisfy an previous doll, thru Chery Leigh


“I’d in no way expert an orgasm until I met my third hubby,” 60-year-old stunner Chery Leigh discussed. “In 20 years, my ex-husband would most likely have lengthy long past down on me 2 occasions. Then I met my introduce hubby, and the first time we had hump, he went down on me in an immediate. I was trying to thrust him away on account of I didn’t know what to expect, and all of a sudden, he had me having an orgasm inwards of minutes.”

There’s been no turning once more for Chery, who plumbed on-camera at for the first time when bambino used to be as soon as 55 years preceding and returned to us at the ripe, most sensible age of 60 to enjoy her first DP at and throughout the vid Granny Screw Club.

Chery is a swinger. When bambino had hump with the other contributors of the Granny Screw Club, it wasn’t her first time with a doll. Or ladies. Youthful one’s had hump with men bambino’d merely met. Youthful one’s been at the center of a gang bang with seven men.

“It’s like someone turned on the faucet and no longer turned it off!” bambino discussed.

If you had knowledgeable Chery 10 years up to now that faster or afterwards, bambino’d be at an adult website like, dressed all super-sexy and training men tips about learn how to make love to an previous woman–as bambino does throughout the flick fashion of this scene–she would’ve discussed you will have been kinky. Once more then, Chery had no idea how a man should make love to an previous doll. Youthful one does now.

Once more in 2013, we asked Chery if the people who knew her rear be surprised to witness her proper right here, and bambino discussed, “Those who aren’t acutely aware of me being a swinger rear be enormously surprised.”

And those who knew her in 2005 would’ve been enormously surprised to discover that bambino’s now a swinger.

“I take good care of myself,” bambino discussed. “I’ll the gym each day.”

Youthful one’s in fine fuckin’ shape…fine shape for banging. Enjoy. Learn something, too.

Date: June 3, 2022

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