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The Desires of Ana Montes


“For me, milking is as significant as eating,” Ana Montes discussed. “Every night time time, I masturbate, and at times I lock myself throughout the shower all of the manner thru the day to masturbate. I always masturbate at night time time in my bed when everybody appears to be asleep. I try to be very quiet, although that is at times a contest after exploring my novels. I maximum permanently fantasize that I am the protagonist and believe that it is me who is in the entire ones exciting scripts that the information recounts, remembering the erotic scenes and even together with others. My other wish and very likely essentially the most recurrent is to believe that two fellows are boinking me. This butt be a wish that I have not however made happen tho that I indeed dream to make a reality.”

In regards to the ones desires, Ana has her favorites.

“I have several sexual desires, among them is having hook-up with two fellows. Each time I sight at porno, I enjoy to witness double invasion. It exhilarates me any such pile and makes my nights additional pleasurable. I might love to practice limit restrain bondage, despite the fact that merely as shortly as. I always fantasize about holding down my arms and coating my eyes while the guy boinks me the best way through which he wishes and anyplace he wishes. Satisfy do not chuckle tho I fantasize that he gives me oral hook-up for hours.”

Date: December 1, 2023

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