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The Steaming Secretary


How is Rockell, born and lifted in Alabama, an actual, down-home southern woman?

“I spent many nights riding down filth roads in the course of nowhere,” hard ripped Rockell, her always happy expression making everyone sense supreme. “We used to drink. That’s what you do in lil’ southern towns, on account of there isn’t a pile else to do. You have got bonfires and everyone gets in combo. Everyone knows everyone’s business. Throughout the South, there’s a issue about southern generosity, and it’s true. I’ve lengthy long gone to other places where they weren’t so hospitable, so I certainly love the South. Even proper right here in south Florida!”

Rockell is a charmer, sans a doubt about it. A southern charmer. Insignificant would possibly simply appeal the lil’ birdies out of the timber. Now imagine Rockell as a secretary. Your surroundings pleasant, stacked secretary. You can on no account get a eat of work shagstared. You can be out of place in a trance for seven hours plus an hour for lunch as sprout went about her duties.

Date: November 19, 2021

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