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Too Uber-cute, Too Cuddly


An XL Chicks’ cameraman dreams to have joy a word game with CJ Woods faster than little angel gets nailed by the use of JMac. This is not so easy. CJ is a southern female on the shy side and using words like vagina and manhood and different words for tits makes her all giggly, smiley and shy. Tho’ doing the deed while we observe is a off the hook story.

The horny side comes out when JMac shows up and goes heterosexual for CJ’s hefty bumpers, squashing her nipples and blowing and caressing her bumpers. CJ will get on all 4s on the bed, holds his nads in her hand and deep throats his dick. He tells her to demonstrate over and get plane on her once more. This fashion he seat feed her his manhood while he plays in conjunction with her expanded bumpers.

CJ’s hefty southern hooters pray to have a sausage between them. JMac plumbs them fast and rock hard, squashing her tits in combo and bringing the peak of his manhood to her gullet so little angel seat blow it.

Now it’s time to get inside CJ. Urchin strips her underpants and opens her legs. JMac shoves his sausage between her vagina lips and provides it to her fine. The squishing sounds of sausage pumping vagina fill the room. They try different fuckin’ positions, sandwiching in extra sausage blowing as they move lush.

For their ultimate shag, JMac puts CJ in an upside-down piledriver position, her culo propped on the bed, her head on the ground. CJ sports activities actions a hefty sneer as he smashes her rock hard and deep. CJ could also be shy conversing about hefty sausage with the cameraman tho little angel luvs getting nailed by the use of one.

Date: October 21, 2021

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