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Win Minka’s Bap-sling, Mounds & Vag


Starting with the March 2007 model, SCORE magazine began permanently operating the SCORE Dame Bap-sling Giveaway Contest. Denise Derringer was once as soon as the highly first-ever to donate her in my opinion autographed bra. Since then, over 30 lucky SCORE readers have opened their mailboxes to detect a hefty bra in my opinion signed across their dearest covergirls and centerfolds, from Summer season Sinn to Merilyn Sakova.

In “Win Minka’s Bap-sling, Mounds & Vag,” a reader is thrilled to be told that he has gained the 44KK bra of the great Minka, the field’s bustiest Asian style and XXX movie adult movie star (Mega-Melon Olympics, Maximum Minka, many additional).

Tho’ he’s in for a marvel when Minka herself delivers her autographed bra decent to his door. He’s gained more than he entered for when Minka has him unzip her best, revealing her mega-boobs, and suck, lick and smooch her world-famous nipples, two of the pointiest nipples ever watched. Tho’ that isn’t the most sensible of Minka’s sucker-punch. Minka porks his boner between her 56 inches of bap heaven and then drops to her knees for definitely one in every of her famous inhale jobs. This lucky winner is well-prepped to completely lose his grip on reality tho’ Minka’s now not dropping her grip on his weenie as youth eats it down her jaws.

This brings us to an actual story about definitely one in every of Minka’s signed bras. Decent forward of the time confine for the October 2013 baby, a box arrived at the office with a letter. Inside the box was once as soon as an unique Minka 44KK bra in pristine scenario, signed and dated 9/19/08 from our April 2009 giveaway. This was once as soon as a highly first-ever in over six years of bra contests. No one had ever returned a bra and no bra was once as soon as ever out of place or stolen. Moreover throughout the box was once as soon as a replica of November 2007 SCORE signed across Christy Marks from each different challenge. That baby was once as soon as Christy’s highly first-ever magazine view. The letter be told: “To Elliot James: My new bride does no longer want me to have the ones dangling chubby so I’m returning them to you at SCORE. An autographed reproduction of SCORE from Christy and Minka’s autographed boulder possessor. Positive, I was a double winner. Satisfy detect a new building for them.” We did detect a new building for the bra so it all worked out.

Date: September 23, 2023

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